Commonwealth Professional Fellowship in UK 2021/2022

Commonwealth Professional Fellowship in UK 2021/2022

Commonwealth Professional Fellowship is for mid-career experts from low-income and middle-income nations, to experience a period of time at a UK Host organization working in their sector for a program of professional growth. The program will finance about 25 fellows, in about five different host organizations, all of whom will be selected through a competitive selection procedure.

Commonwealth Scholarships – About

The CSC is an executive non-departmental public body, backed by the Department for International Development (DFID). The CSC functions within the background of the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP), and is a vibrant demonstration of the UK’s lasting obligation to the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth Professional Fellowship – Summary

Award Type: Postgraduate

Organization: Common Wealth

Eligible Gender: Male and Female

Location: United Kingdom

Course of Study: Not specified

Application Deadline: August 9th, 2021

Benefits of Commonwealth Professional Fellowship

  • Return airfare from the recipient’s home country to the UK.
  • Monthly upkeep stipend (or pro rata) at the rate of £1,704 per month, or £2,115 monthly for those at organizations in the London metropolitan area (at 2020/21 rate).
  • A full assessment of needs and eligibility for extra financial assistance will be offered to Fellow living with a disability.
  • Arrival stipend of up to £22 (at 2020/21 rate),
  • For the Girls’ Education program a £1,000 travel stipend to enable attendance at events.
  • Refund of the standard visa application fee.
  • Flat rate contribution of £800 to the costs of the Host organization relating to the administration and provision for the Fellow.
  • Fees can be agreed for rates related with Fellows attending short courses/conferences as well as travel to visit other UK organizations where this forms an integral part of the Up to a maximum of £3,000 can be agreed for awards of three months (to be paid to the Host organization on receipt of an invoice).

Eligibility for Commonwealth Professional Fellowship

  • Citizen of or have been granted refugee status by an appropriate Commonwealth nation, or be a British Protected.
  • Permanent resident in a qualified Commonwealth nation
  • Not less than five years’ full-time, or equivalent part-time, significant work experience, in a job related to the subject of the Fellowships program, by the projected start of the fellowship – voluntary work experience will not be acknowledged.
  • Have a job at the period of application that you will go back to after finishing the Commonwealth Professional Fellowship.
  • 2 references, one from your present employer.
  • No prior Commonwealth Professional Fellowship in the last 5 years (at the period of taking up the award).
  • Not doing an academic program of research or study in the Academics, but only to embark on programs of academic management, not research or courses relevant to their research subject.
  • Available to begin within prescribed dates.

Required Documents

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate university qualifications (if applicable).
  • 10 publications and prizes (if applicable).
  • Details of your employment record and how each job is significant to the program (up to 100 words per employment).
  • Statement on the relevance of your prior work experience to the proposed fellowship (300 words).
  • Names and status of 3 referees who are fit to comment on both your capability to benefit from your proposed Fellowship and your capability to deliver development impact afterwards. Your present employer should be one of your referees.
  • Development Impact statement in 4 parts. In the 1st  part you should elucidate how your proposed Fellowship relates to:
    • Getting 40 million more girls in primary and secondary school by 2025, and improving learning levels, so girls can achieve their full potential.
    • Development issues at the global, national and local level.
    • Development issues associated to the theme of girl’s education and the wider sector (200 words).
  • In the 2nd part you should elucidate on how you aim to apply your new skills the moment your Fellowship ends (up to 100 words).
  • In the 3rd part you should point out what you expect will change in development terms after your Fellowship, comprising:
    • Outcomes that you aim to achieve.
    • Timeframe for their implementation.
    • Who the beneficiaries will be (up to 250 words).
  • In the 4th part you should write about how the influence of your work could be perfectly measured (100 words).
  • Confirm your objectives, and how each of them will be achieved by the program.
  • Confirm your objectives for the next 2 years, and how each of them will be achieved by the program.
  • Confirm your objectives in the longer term, and how each of them will be achieved by the Fellowship program.
  • Make a personal statement to summarize the ways in which your personal background has motivated you to want to make an impact in your home country. Show areas in which you have already impacted, such as having overcome any personal or community hurdles to your selected career (500 words).
  • Summaries the ways in which you have taken part in voluntary activities, and the opportunities you have had to show leadership (500 words).
  • Provide a scan of your passport or national identity card

How to Apply for Commonwealth Professional Fellowship

To apply for Commonwealth Professional Fellowship, please follow the guidelines below:

To inquire further about Commonwealth Professional Fellowship, please visit the official website.

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