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365 DAYS: Good or Bad!? the Problematic Movie (365 DNI) - PJ Explained

In the opening scene of #365Days, the head of a mafia gang and his son, Massimo, get shot down by an enemy. Just moments before this shootout, Massimo was spying on a girl at a nearby beach. While his father ends up dying from the gun wounds, Massimo lives and claims that he dreamt of the girl from the beach before he recovered from his deadly injuries. Determined to find the girl of his dreams, he goes around looking for her. In the meantime, the girl Laura dates a guy who doesn’t give her much attention. On Laura’s birthday, they visit a resort for a vacation, and that’s where Massimo meets her for the first time. #Netflix

Being a mafia who never takes “No” for an answer, Massimo abducts Laura in the hope that she will fall for him. For obvious reasons, Laura turns down his proposal, but instead of being too brash with her, Massimo makes a deal: All she has to do is stay with him for the next 365 days, and if she’s still not into him after that, he’ll let her go. Although a little reluctant and resistant towards his offer, Laura soon starts settling into her lavish lifestyle with the mafia. Unlike her husband, Massimo even gives her a lot of attention and showers her with love. #PJExplained

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