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8 MORE HIDDEN Best Android Apps Not on PLAY STORE (July 2021)

8 HIDDEN Best Android Apps NOT Available On The Play Store 2021 | Best Android Apps 2021 | Unknown Android Apps | Best Free Movie Apps | Free Netflix Apps
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0:00 Download Apps Not on Play Store
0:49 Flixoid -
2:00 SpotiFlyer -
2:34 Secure File Manager -
3:14 Aurora Droid -
3:59 Instander -
5:12 Dark Mode Live Wallpaper -
5:59 Riseup VPN -
6:37 Frost icon pack -

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Let’s admit it. Google’s Play Store is the single largest app store available at the moment.
Google Play Store goes through a strict process before it approves any applications to be listed on the app store, this means that many apps that are actually good and useful for the users do not make it due to the strict policies of the Play Store. And that’s exactly why in this video I am going to show you some really cool and lesser-known apps that are not available on the play store.

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